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So, you may be thinking about becoming a barbecue judge ... or perhaps you just want to know what it is that the judges are looking for (and tasting) when judging great barbecue. Who are the table captains? And what do they do? Who officiates the contests? Overcooked? Under cooked? Too Salty? Too flat tasting? Mushy? Tough? and many more.

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Smoky's New FAQ's

Welcome to our new FAQ's pages. We have now updated tons of new questions and answers from your favorite Smoke Meister, C. Clark "Smoky" Hale. His insight, wisdom and humor is equal to none. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show as he answers any question you might even THINK of asking!

NOTE: Shortly, we will be placing these FAQ's into catagories for a more manageable presentation. BUT, for now, here is The Whole Sha-bang.





The "Texas Crutch" Plugged Up Gas Grill  
  200 pound Pig in the ground   Advice/Recipe for cooking duck breasts on a smoker   Advise on how to use Char-Broil 450
  Any poisonous woods for BBQ?   Baffle used to deflect the heat   Barbecuing a holiday turkey
  Barbecuing a Steamship Round   Barbecuing multiple turkeys   Best tip for restoring rusted grill grates
  Best way to barbecue whole fish   Best way to smoke bison ribs   Brining poultry before it's roasted?
  Brinkmann Horizontal Smoker   Build a larger version of a Brinkman Pro   Build an in-ground smoker comprising of two pits
  Building a free standing wood burning pit   Building a stainless steel gas grill   Burgers puffing up in the middle
  Buying and cooking a side of beef   Can I barbecue deer roast in a crock pot?   Can I make clams on the barbecue?
  Can I smoke a pumpkin?   Can I smoke with pecan shells?   Can I use an indoor wood grill?
  Can you smoke with honey locust?   Cannibal Meat Concoction   Care of oil after frying a turkey
  Clean or not to clean the grill?   Confused on hot smoked turkey   Converting a galvanized tank into a smoker
  Cooking salmon on cedar planks   Crisp skin on a smoked turkey   Cuban coffin cooking method?
  Curing meats with saltpeter   Do I brine before smoke cooking cornish hens?   Does charcoal has the same amount of carcinogens?
  Ever heard of an Ox Roost?   Everything I cook is under cooked   Fish: Skin side up or down?
  Gas has sulfur dioxide added   Good technique to pre-cook or prepare Brat Wurst   Grilling a whole beef tenderloin
  Grilling veggies   Help me find a good indoor grill   Historical information on Atlanta Stove Works Company
  Hog over a bed of coals or wood   Home made rotisserie   Hot smoking and dry curing hams
  How Can I Make Great Beef Ribs?   How do I calibrate a meat thermometer   How do I cean a porcelain cooking grid?
  How do I clean porcelain grills?   How do I cook a venison ham?   How do I cook a venison hind quarter?
  How do I cook deer meat?   How do I cook roast beef on the pit?   How do I get crusty surface on the outside of steaks?
  How do I go about choosing a Grill?   How do I grill a duck breast?   How do I have a successful barbecue?
  How do I know when to replace grills?   How do I make a refrigerator smoker?   How do I make barbecue hash
  How do I make beef jerky   How do I prepare and smoke a "cabrito" or goat?   How do I truss a chicken?
  How do I use a rotisserie accessory?   How does a rotisserie cook meat?   How does thickness affect a smoker?
  How long do I smoke an entire elk?   How long is ceramic bricquettes life expectancy   How long should steaks age
  How long to barbecuing an 11pound sirloin roast on the grill   How long to smoke the sausage in a smokehouse   How much time per pound of ribs?
  How to keep BBQ fresh   How to roast a black bear   I generally grind chuck roast at home
  I have a rotisserie RPM question   I miss mullet & roe   I need a recipe for barbecuing deer
  I need a recipe for homemade Texas chili   I need cooking temps and times   I need help for properly cooked brisket
  I need instructions for cooking a 6 lb tri-tip roast   I need plans for a homemade smoker   I need plans for a smoker
  I need pointers on using alderwood   I need replacement grills and grates for the Cue Cart   I need to barbecue a boneless rib roast
  I need to get my hands on quality Charcoal   I want barbecued jerky flavor!   I want to build a wood fired oven
  I want to clean my lava rocks!   I want to cook a pig in the ground   I want to smoke a pheasant breast
  I want to start a barbecue and catering business!   I want to try prime rib on the grill   I would like to cold smoke a pheasant
  I'm building a rock barbecue pit   I'm planning a pig roast for Labor Day!   I'm tired of flameups & buying new burners
  Instructions for using a Char-Broil water smoker   Is Arizona walnut wood safe to use?   Is my smoked ham safe to eat?
  Is there a smart way to clean ceramic barbecue briquettes?   Lava Rocks vs None   Luau crustacean style lobster
  Maintaining a "replenishing" pit   Making a smoker from a metal garbage can   Making store bought smokers more efficient
  Marinade for onions before grilling   Marinating the meat at room temperature   Mixing different types of meats on the grill
  Mixing marinades in metal bowls   More about the Big Green Eggs   My first prime rib roast!
  Needing a good dry smoking recipe for salmon   Offset vs bullet smokers   Oklahoma Joe Longhorn Pit
  Organizing a goat barbecue   Perils of Procrastination   Pig roast-pit cooking techniques
  Place thermometer in a hole cut at the top of the dome lid   Preparing whole salmon   Propane VS Methane
  Rate of burn a 60k BTU gas burner delivers   Salmon and other seafood seasoning on planks   Sealing a Brinkman Pro pit
  Shocked when touching my Brinkman Smoker!   Sichuan pepper and prickly ash   Smoke stack design/problems
  Smoker from an old fridge   Smoking a turkey in cold weather   Smoking on a gas grill
  Smoking with Hickory Nuts   Spice Rubs and Sauces   Stuffed Jalapenos with shrimp and cheese wrapped in bacon
  Suggestions for barbecuing   The shiny black is creosote!   Thermometer gauge
  This will be my first barbecued pig   Traeger auger fed wood pellet burning Texas Style   Trashcan Turkey
  Trouble with injecting marinade   Trouble with the Brinkman Grill King   Turkey breast with a rotisserie spear Turkey Breast with a Rotisserie spear
  Turning a GE gas stovetop oven burner into a grill   Understand the right baffle is important   Wanting a good gas grill
  Wanting elk jerky seasoning   Wanting to barbecue a whole Salmon   Wanting to buy large amounts of hickory wood
  What about the Big Green Egg?   What are safe cooking temperatures for meat?   What are the size relationships when building a smoker?
  What city has the best barbecue?   What internal temperature is needed for ribs?   What is a wooster
  What is the best way to make sweetcorn on the grill?   What is the shelf life of barbecue sauce   What type of wood should I use?
  What's wrong with the floats on my propane tank?   Which cooking surface material is best?   Which is the largest BBQ holiday
  Wild hog and deer sausage recipe   Wood chip sizes Smoking a store bought, fully cooked cured ham
Why did the butt take so long I have a puff in the middle of my hamburgers    

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Bad Weather?  Too hot or cold? Know what your bbq pit is doing with these Wireless Thermometers

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Get all of Smoky Hale's wisdom and become the best cook around. Learn to do it right!

Get all of Smoky Hale's wisdom and become the best cook around. Learn to do it right!

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