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The cooler weather is here and the weather is spectacular for outdoor cooking! Now, is the time to maximize your grill and savor the flavor.

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Useful Tips for Cooking
over the Grill or Smoker

Welcome to this section offering various tips for outdoor cooking. These tips are proven and will increase your effectiveness over the hot coals which we love to toil! Read on and now you are improving with each time you cook outdoors!







 Great New Tips!

While each tip can mostly stand alone, it is best to read them all and incorporate them into an overall assault on the grill. Be sure to have your assault well fortified with your favorite beverage! Today's tip is:

Low 'n Slow Cooking

Outdoor Cooking Treasure Map
Low 'n Slow Cooking Suggestions
"Talking" about 'smoking' something
on the pit this weekend.

Outdoor Cooking CompassBelow we offer the top-tips for overall successful Low 'n Slow cooking suggestions.  These tips will will make all of your meals worth talking about. Thoughts about "smoking" meats: 

"X" Marks the TipSuggestion #1: Now, before the weather gets oppressive, is a great time to get outdoors and do some long, slow cooking on the pit.  Spring can be a delightful time to be outdoors.  Just be cautious that you take temperatures, wind and possible rain in to considerations as each could affect the cooking times.

"X" Marks the TipSuggestion #2: This will take hours, not minutes, so plan accordingly.  Allow plenty of prep time, cooking time and cleanup time.  This will afford you a pleasant opportunity to relax.  Being hurried, impatient, worried, as Smoky always says, makes the meat tough!

"X" Marks the TipSuggestion #3: Make sure you have a drip pan to catch the juices as most cooked meats drip grease as they cook. In grilling, these juices burn up, but in smoking (or better called barbecuing) they accumulate.  You might use either a disposable pan or line it with aluminum foil.

"X" Marks the TipSuggestion #4:  Use your instant read meat thermometer to judge when your meat is done to perfection.  All too many people will guess when the meat is done and then be disappointed when it is dried out or under done.  With the use of a meat thermometer, you can insure consistent results every time.  Your thermometer will not lie!

"X" Marks the TipSuggestion #5:  After the meat has cooked for about 1/2 of the total cooking time, you should baste the meat with a mop sauce every 30 minutes or so.  This mop sauce will add flavor and moisture back into the meats and help keep the tasty and moist.  Most pros use either a spray bottle or a basting mop to baste the meat.

"X" Marks the TipSuggestion #6:  In order to add even more flavor and moisture to the meat, many like to inject the meat with the same basting sauces.  Folks inject items such as turkey, chicken, butts, shoulders, whole hogs and many others.  You may use a meat injector to accomplish this task.

"X" Marks the TipSuggestion #7:  Most smoking/barbecuing occurs between the temperatures of about 210°F and 250°.  We have much more on proper cooking temperatures at Temperatures.  There are also lots of pit thermometers, meat thermometers and wireless thermometers to help you monitor the correct cooking temps.

"X" Marks the TipSuggestion #8:  Last, but not least, we need smoke!  There are many different methods of applying smoke flavor to your meats. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND LIQUID SMOKE!  We would, however, suggest you consider using wood chips or smoking pellets with smoker boxes, wood chunks or even natural lump charcoal.  Each of these natural products will provide you with clean, smooth smoky flavor. You might also consider using a Smoke Generator.


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It's time for barbecue!

'Mr. Brown' Baby Back Ribs

Most everyone loves pork ribs.  This recipe will do nothing but make you the talk of the neighbors and friends.  Store this one as a favorite!

Outdoor Cooking Compass
Your direction for better food!

    Let's begin by collecting the following ingredients:

    Spicy Citrus Chicken Breasts 2 slabs of baby backribs (aka as loin back ribs)
    1/2 cup of brown sugar
    2 Tbs garlic salt
    2 Tbs fresh ground black pepper
    2 Tbs seasoned salt
    1 Tbs onion salt
    1 Tbs celery salt
    1 Tbs rubbed sage
    1 tsp dried, crushed rosemary leaves
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1/2 tsp dried thyme

    regular yellow mustard

  1. Preheat an outdoor grill for medium-high heat, and lightly oil grate with olive oil.
  2. Next, dip chicken in the lemon juice, and sprinkle with the onion powder, ground black pepper, seasoning salt and parsley. You should discard any remaining lemon juice after it has been in the chicken.
  3. Cook on your grill about 10 to 15 minutes per side, or until no longer pink and juices run clear. Check temperature with your meat thermometer to make sure it is 150-160° in the thickest part of the meat.  Remember that it continues to cook after removed from the heat.  Great on salads, sandwiches or straight up!

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It's time for barbecue! Old Smokey Contest Winner

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Bad Weather?  Too hot or cold? Know what your bbq pit is doing with these Wireless Thermometers

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Get all of Smoky Hale's wisdom and become the best cook around. Learn to do it right!

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Visit The Barbecue Store Today!

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