Barbecuing & Sausage-Making Secrets
Culinary Institute of Smoke-Cooking
Charlie & Ruthie Knote

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This 280 page book is packed with the intricate details behind producing superb smoked barbecue. One of the must-have tools of the smoking enthusiast are the Grilling Guides for Charcoal, Gas or Electric Grills. Included are approximate times for grilling many types of meats and the internal temperatures of the meat for Rare, Medium and Well Done pieces.

An Example:

                                    Cooking Minutes

Meat   Type   Thick      Temp.    Rare    Med.    Well

Pork   Loin   1 inch   Med. Hot   9-12   12-13   15-18

        &     1 1/4    Med. Hot   9-12   12-16   16-20

       Rib    1 1/2    Med. Hot  15-18   19-24   12-26

                       drop to Med

Barbecuing & Sausage-Making Secrets has been written in eight logical chapters to ease the reader into a complete understanding of the art of barbecuing great pieces of meat and fish.

Chapter 1: Food Panicked Americans
Grill Chapter 5: Smoke-Cooking
Chapter 2: Why Eat Meats?
Chapter 6: Sausage
Chapter 3: Basics of Barbecuing
Chapter 7: Recipes
Chapter 4: Grilling
Chapter 8: Why Eat Meats

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