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Summer has arrived at most locations throughout the United States and smoke is wafting through the neighborhood on most weekends and many weekdays too! Life is good!In the next few weeks, come on back for our Great Summer Grill Giveaway. We will be giving several grills away to help get your summer started on a good foot. We only have great stuff around here! On your mark, get set, have fun!

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May 12, 2002
Vol. 5.a.

Topics in this "Chicken Little" issue

 From Our Grill to Yours
 Our Thoughts
 Winner of the Monthly Drawing - Old Smokey Grill
 According to Smoky - "Chicken Roasted on the Grill" - Smoky Hale
 Honoring the Tried and True
 The Barbecue Store -
 New Gas Grill Manufacturers
 T.T.T.T. - "Skin is In"
 The Recipe!: Rich 'n Wonderful Texas Steak Marinade
 Affiliate Opportunities
 Classified Ads
 Keep Those Fires Hot!

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From Our Grills To Yours
Charlie McMurrey Hi {FirstName} & Welcome!     Smoky, Ann and I want to welcome you to the newest issue of The Smoke 'N Fire Enquirer. Each month, we gather our thoughts in our effort to bring you tidbits of information to create better outdoor experiences!

If you are an old timer with us, you may have noticed that we're a little early this month. That's a great thing! Actually, during these active summer months we plan to bring you two issues for your enjoyment...all for the same great price. We want to help you become a better outdoor cook when you have time to practice and feel the newsletter is a great tool for you. So, without further chatter, we would like to offer the 1st issue of May!

Our Thoughts

The heat is on! Time to fire up the grills and sear some meat. Time to practice that age old tradition of becoming better and better (than anyone else!) at one of the most popular outdoor activities in the world. The greatest distance you have to travel is to the grocery store. Refreshments are only a few steps away and your friends will come-a-running when they know you've finished.

A great way to get a tune-up and get you into the spirit of outdoor fun would be to visit a local cookoff. There are many. For example, the Memphis-In-May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest will be held this weekend, May 16-18, 2002 and Smoky and I will be there. Hope to see you there too! Look for us near the Pig Pounda Kappa booth. If you can't get to Memphis, be sure to visit a contest. Check out the Contest Calendar to find one near you.

Monthly Old Smokey Grill Contest

OK, here is your chance, to win a *** FREE 18 INCH *** Old Smokey grill from The Barbecue Store. This is a great grill to toss into the trunk or in the back of the truck and take on picnics or to the ball game. Good Luck! So without further ado, . . . . THE WINNER OF OUR DRAWING FOR A FREE OLD SMOKEY GRILL THIS MONTH IS . . . . .

Paul D. Gruber
Way to go Paul!

. . . . . . Paul, if you will send us your regular "snail mail" address and confirm your email address when you signed up, we'll ship your grill right out! Congrats again!

. . . . . For all of the others, don't give up. Each month we will draw FROM THE SAME LIST! NOTE: Our software removes duplicate entries so everyone has the same chances of winning!

According To Smoky

C. Clark "Smoky" Hale

Chickens were never warriors... maybe that is why they always thought the sky was falling. Or, perhaps, that was a meat cleaver they got a glimpse of....hummmmm?

Chicken Roasted on the Grill

Chicken is delicious, nutritious, economical and absolutely easy to prepare several ways on the grill. Whether broiled, roasted, barbecued or smoked, it is so easy to cook that it would be too boring were it not for the pleasures of the resulting fine flavors and textures. Perhaps my favorite is a whole chicken, roasted to crispy-skinned perfection still dripping with delicious juices.

Chicken Sitter
Click for Large Image

Chicken Sitter
Click for Large Image

Chickcan Sitter
Click for Large Image
There are many approaches to roasting chicken. The most complicated and noisiest is using a rotisserie. Simplest is putting the bird on a rack over a shallow pan and leaving it alone to sit quietly while being transformed into a delicacy. Middle ground is the chicken sitter route. Chicken sitters evolved from beer butt chicken, where a half-empty/half-full can of beer was inserted into the chicken cavity and placed vertically on the grill. Now several versions of chicken sitters are available and I hear that they are a popular item in the Barbecue Store. They allow a variety of liquids and myriad seasonings for flavoring.

My favorite, naturally, is the easiest.

While I prefer fresh, rather than frozen, the poultry packers do a pretty good job of quick freezing and maintaining the quality of frozen birds. So when whole chicken fryers go on sale, I pick up a few for the freezer and one for the grill. Frozen birds should be thawed in the refrigerator or under cold water.

Easy Roasted Chicken

Remove the neck and giblets from the cavity and trim any excess fat. Throw it all in a pot, add a couple of quarts of water and let it simmer. Dry the chicken inside and Lift up the skin and insert fresh rosemary or basil. Do this to the thighs and drumsticks as well as the breast. Replace the skin carefully and sprinkle generously with fresh ground pepper and salt. Throw the extra herbs into the cavity. Place the bird on a rack over a shallow pan and add 1/4" of water to keep the first drippings from burning.

Pre-heat the grill to 350° with good, clean coals producing minimal smoke. For gas grills, use minimal or no wood for smoking.

Chicken done right!
Click here to
see a great Basting
Sop & Glaze for
Pop the chicken in the grill and close the lid. Let the temperature stabilize at 350° then go play for 50 minutes for a 3-4 lb. chicken. The temperature in the thickest part of the thigh, not touching bone, should be 155-160°. Remove it and let it sit for 10 minutes for the juices to set. Behold the beautiful bird! Tilt the chicken to drain the cavity into the drip pan, then place the chicken on cutting board or serving plate. Pour the drippings into the stock pot and deglaze the drip pan with hot stock, scraping well to get all the goody.

What happens next is a real test of character. Of course, if you have company, you dare not. But if just you and your spouse are to dine, I challenge you not to sneak a taste of the crisp, delicious skin before it reaches the table. If you can, “You are a better man than I am, Gunga Din.” My wife and I usually congregate at the grill when the chicken comes off and the carcass winds up at the table devoid of skin --- but, still moist and delicious, nevertheless.

I usually carve out the meat, and the bones go into the simmering stock pot. After a couple of hours of simmering, I strain, pour up into a glass container and refrigerate the stock. Unless I have a use within a day, it goes into the freezer. Sometimes I separate the fat which has risen to the top and freeze in a separate container.

This is chicken at its finest--- moist, tender, delicious. The only way you can mess it up is to over cook it. There should still be juices, running clear and the pink in the thigh joints are naturally occurring pigmentation that signifies that the bird was young. Many folk ruin chicken by over cooking with the mistaken notion that any pink in poultry is unsafe. Not so! Left overs are great for chicken salad, chicken sandwiches, chicken pot pies and with the stock, chicken and dumplings. You may want try other seasonings, but fresh herbs under the skin and in the cavity are hard to beat. Another favorite variation is to stuff the cavity lightly with a small apple, a small onion and a stalk of celery, all coarsely chopped. Another, variation is “Smoky’s All Purpose Poultry Seasoning” which consists of 1 T. salt, 2 t. each garlic and onion powder, 1 t. each ground thyme, ground bay, ground or rubbed sage and fresh ground black pepper. This mixture can also be used in the chicken sitter with a beverage of your choice.

Good eating, Smoky
C. Clark "Smoky" Hale, © 2002

Honoring the Tried and True

Old Smokey Grills
Last month, we honored one of the all time favorite grills - The Portable Kitchen Cooker. Well, there is another great manufacturer that compares and has been around even longer! We are talking about The Old Smokey Grill.

Old Smokey
Old Smokey Grill
Click to Enlarge

Old Smokey Products Company was founded in 1923 as Burkhead Mfg. Co. Before making the Old Smokey line of barbecues grills and accessories, it made buckets, pails, tubs, stove pipe, coffee cans, trash cans and lard cans. In the 1950s one bucket was placed on another bucket, and with the addition of a grill, a grate, 3 legs, dampers and a handle, a new product was born and given the name Old Smokey. The Old Smokey charcoal grills were originally a sideline to the main product lines, used first as a novelty item given to the company's wholesale customers as thanks for their business. The grills were a hit however, and quickly became a major part of the business. People began to know the company as a barbecue grill manufacturer rather than a bucket and can company.

With the advent of plastics, Burkhead's bucket and can business faded away. The Old Smokey barbecue grill is made of metal, however, and survived the introduction of plastics as a manufacturing material. It is going strong as ever as a long time favorite of barbecuers nationwide. The company began calling itself "Old Smokey Products Company" to identify itself with its main product.

Old Smokey Products Company is in its original location in the shadows of downtown Houston, in the factory building built for Burkhead Mfg. Co. It has expanded its product lines, adding the Old Smokey Electric Smoker (formerly known as the Redi-Smok) just recently, the stainless steel Texas Grill, and a line of accessories.

They make three different sizes to meet most needs. They manufacture a 14", 18" and 22" diameter grills.

Thanks Old Smokey for making a lasting, quality product!

Got a favorite Old Smokey story? Send it to us and we'll get it over to them!

We hope to present more great cookers in the future.
These grills are available at many fine locations and @ The Barbecue Store.

The Barbecue Store

The Barbecue Store

For all intents and purposes, the summer cooking season is here. It is time to gather your thoughts, utensils and charcoal and get after it! Check through The Barbecue Store for some of the finest products anywhere.


Whether you live in TEXAS, moved from TEXAS are just wish you lived in TEXAS, this is your grill!
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Smoked brisket, pork butt, ribs, chicken, seafood and much more. Barbecue at its finest and easiest!
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The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is easy to use and very reliable. They have been making this unit for over 30 years!
Old Smokey Electric Smokers

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The Famous Willie's Chicken Sitters

The best competition rub out there

One heck of a Championship Cooking manual
Smoky Hale The Great American Barbecue & Grilling Manual

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America's Grilling Champ Contest

Nominate our own Smoky Hale!
The Gas Grill Guy
Kraft Foods and Weber have just announced a search for "America's Grilling Champ". They REALLY want to know who REALLY is America's greatest grilling person. Can there be any doubt? REALLY?

We recommend our very own SMOKY HALE!

You've read his articles for years, seen his column on our site and read hundreds of FAQ's that he has posted. Thousands of you have asked direct questions and he has taken the time to respond to each and every one of them. Give him a hand and nominate him for "America's Grilling Champ"! Click HERE to elect your champ! After you have nominated him, go ahead and nominate yourself! I thank you, Smoky thanks you and all grill lovers everywhere thank you for your support!


Try These Tips & Techniques!

Skin is In

Many wonder, why the chicken crossed the road. We often ponder ... why people skin their fine feathered friends before barbecuing or roasting them. Ok, the feather can go...BUT, why the skin? You don't remove the skin before roasting the Thanksgiving turkey, do you? We hear your resistance. It contains fat! you say.

Well sure, it does. You will recall in Smoky's article above, the skin when cooked properly, becomes crisp and quite delicious. That crispness is a result of most of the fat being rendered (or being cooked out). When the fat is rendered, it goes somewhere, right? Where it goes is on the outside of the rest of the meat thus naturally basting it, adding additional wonderful flavors and finally helping to retain the chicken's natural moisture. After basting, the fat drips harmlessly into the coals or drip pan.

Should you be cooking chicken where only a portion of the meat has skin on it, as with a thigh or breast, then cook it with the skin side on top. That way, the fat in the skin will render and baste the bottom that does not have skin on it.

There is very little increase in the total number of calories consumed by keeping the skin on while cooking and then removing it before eating. Therefore, relax and enjoy the flavors!

Skin is In...Have Fun!

The Recipe

Chicken On A Throne - Now That's Royalty!

There is little more stately than the head of state on the throne. Chicken prepared on a "sitter" (Also know as Beer Butt Chicken) is the only way to go for regal spender. Here is your admittance into court:

Great Recipes!   1 whole chicken
  6 pack of beer
  1/4 medium lemon - squeezed and dropped in the sitter
  1/4 medium onion - chopped
  2 cloves of crushed garlic

After emptying the cavity of the chicken, carefully trim excess skin and fat from around the top and bottom of the cavity. Season the outside of the chicken (and under the skin of the chicken as you would normally). Allow to "rest" covered in the refrigerator for one (1) hour. Prepare the grill/pit for indirect cooking at 220° to 240°.

While the grill is heating, place the lemon, onion and garlic inside the chicken sitter. Fill the sitter 3/4th full with beer - about 6 to 8 ounces.

Gently slide the chicken over the opening of the sitter.

Next, place heavy duty foil (double thickness) over the cooking grate. Turn up the edges of the foil to keep juices from messing up the grill. It makes for easy clean-up also. Then place the sitter on top of the foil. This helps deflect the heat for more even cooking. Sit back, relax and enjoy the rest of the beer or your favorite refreshment!

For additional flavor, presoak hickory or apple chips in apple juice. Drain and wrap in foil (or place in a cast iron smoker box) and set directly on the coals. Repeat as desired. You might also try coarsely chopping 1/4 onion and 3 cloves of garlic, coating them lightly with cooking oil and wrapping in foil. Place the pouch near the coals so that they too begin to cook adding additional great flavor to your royal dinner!

When finished, remove and allow to cool for 10 minutes before serving.

More great recipes @

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some really great questions from our readers

Hey Jeff ... hide the matches.

My roommate likes to use gasoline in place of lighter fluid to light the charcoal. Is this a safe & will the gas leave any toxic residue in the grill??


Hi Jeff,

Your room mate either has a death wish or is mentally challenged!

Gasoline fumes are heavier than air and they collect in pockets and ignite explosively. It only takes 5-7% fumes to air for a big explosion.

REALLY DUMB! If he tries it again, call the police and have him committed.

Mineral spirits (paint thinner) is safer and about as cheap.

Have fun,

Want to read more FAQ's? Check out and proceed to the "Ask Smoky!" Section

Reader's Quips & Comments

Steven Loren just found us . . .

HEY, Just wanted to let you know WOW, what a kickass stop on the web, I'm from Texas and love to Q, Please keep it up!!

Hey Steve - Glad you had the time to stop by! We'll leave the light on for you!

Neil Hoff - Returns...

I beleive I've been to this site a couple of years ago and it was great! I'm back in a position to start "Queing" again so I plan on many visits as I always like to try something new. Thanks again. NEH

Welcome home Neil. We missed you!

Conda Walsh ... ...

Can your products be shipped to Australia? I am a recent transplant from Oregon and MISS REAL barbecue! What they call barbecue here is really bad sausages cooked on a flat plate! NO slow cooking over flavored wood chips!!!!!! How is a girl supposed to exist, I ask you??????

Conda, Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to teach them about real barbecue. Actually, we have many students from down under here learning every day.

Each of our readers can help us out by sending a copy of this newsletter to 5 good friends and tell them to sign up at:

Sign Up For The Newsletter   THEY NEED IT!!!

Well, we've got to go back to work now, so enjoy the site and keep those comments (good and bad) coming on along!

Keep Those Fires Hot!

Well, we've done it again, come to the end. We hope you enjoyed this edition of The Smoke N' Fire Inquirer. Keep on SSSSsmokin'. . . . . Again, if you have any comments, please send them to ..............

Me at or to . . . . .
Smoky at

Your Barbecue'n hosts,
Charlie McMurrey (a/k/a/ "PC") & And Smoky
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