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The following are comments, articles and publications
featuring Barbecue'n On The Internet

Since February '96, Barbecue'n On The Internet has been serving the best dern barbecue'n information found anywhere. Our goal was and remains ............ to raise the level of consciousness of barbecuers around the world. You's working.

I guess we are doing something right,.......... folks seem to appreciate our efforts. We're kind of proud of our recognition and thought you might be interested as well. Here are some of the kind words we have received lately . . . . . .

Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996
Subject: CONGRATULATIONS! 04-18-96

Congratulations! Your site has been awarded The Too Cool Award for 04-18-96.

COOL! - Thanks!

From: The CyberMom Dot Com
Francine E.C. Shannon
Date: 29 May 96

P.S. Your page truly is Too Cool!
Barbecue'n on the Internet - this is the definitive grilling site on the 'net! It's SSSSssmokin'!

Wow . . . They really know how to turn up the heat! . . . . .

From: Men's Journal
Compiled by David Hochman
June/July 1996
Page 52

. . . . . The site also serves up sizzling-good recipes for chili, chicken, and barbecue sauce. Cybersteaks, anyone?

Golly, . . . . how would I cook those? Thinking . . . .

PC Novice From: PC NOVICE
June 1996
Page 79

. . . warm up to this sizzlin' site. . . . . check out the tools you'll need to get the job done right, peruse the tips and techniques for achieving a successful barbecue, and thumb through the recipes for savory sauces and rubs (a dry marinade).

Yup, no shortage of things to do here!

From: Scott Whitley
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1996
Subject: Radio Interview

I'm from a Boston Radio Station (WRKO-Boston)... on Father's Day, we do a program on BBQ and would like to interview somebody from your web site. We have interviewed many restaurants and experts (locally and nationally known) in the past.

Boy was that fun. They really put us on the spot! Live and everything. . . .


Date: 18 Jun 1996
Subject: Food category

maranGraphics, Canada's largest computer book publisher would like to . . . reproduce the homepage from your site in our upcoming book "Amazing Web Pages." . . . , a list of over 2500 interesting web sites . . . slated for an early September release.


Top Cooking Sites From: Top Cooking Sites
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 1996
Subject: Your a top cooking site!

We have found your site to be a top 10% cooking site on the net.

Shucks, and we didn't have to feed them either!

Wall Street Journal
From: The Wall Street Journal

Thursday, June 27, 1996
Watching The Web
Summer Fun

Barbecue'n On The Internet - can provide charcoal warriors tired of simple grilling with answers to truly burning questions . . .

Let's see . . . bulls may be tough and bears would be wild. May have to try them out.

Best of the Web From: UpFront Media Services
Date: Sunday, July 7, 1996
Subject: BEST of the WEB!

Your web site has been selected as an Up Front "BEST of the WEB" site. Only the truly cool receive this.

The best, huh. More pressure . . . .

Epicurious Recommendation Epicurious
Hall of Fame
James Beard's Barbecue Cookbook Section
Monday, July 22, 1996

An ambitious site, possibly the most complete barbecue resource around.

Hall of Fame . . . . Just knew we would end up there . . . . .Thanks!

CNN Interactive CNN Interactive
Monday, July 14, 1996
Searching for food on the Internet

. . . . spice up this summer's cooking, check out "Barbecue'n on the Internet." This site teaches . . . . the difference between a grill and a smoker and the proper techniques for pulling off the perfect outdoor meal.

Perfect's a pretty tall order . . . . but we'll do our best!

Texas Monthly Award Texas Monthly
Date: August, 1996, Page 119
Subject: The 100 Best Texas Web Sites

. . . you'll never need another barbecue resource. It has recipes, tips, sections on smokers, a guide to barbecue videos . . . and a commentary by 'cue guru and scholar C. Clark "Smoky" Hale who quotes a passage from the Iliad, Homer, Book IX, lines 205-224 that sure sounds like split-roasted goat.

Always remember, the immortal words of 'cue guru Smoky Hale - - "Have Fun!"

ZIA Reviewed ZIA, The Family Site
Date: October 19, 1996
Subject: Friendly Family Site Award

Our sincerest congratulations! Your Internet site has been reviewed and rated by ZIA Resources professional editorial staff. We are delighted to designate your resource as suitable for inclusion in ZIA, the family site. ZIA is the largest family friendly site on the internet!

Yup, we're so family friendly, we would almost invite you over for dinner . . . . .

I-Watch Select I-Watch Select Site
Date: October 19, 1996
Subject: I-Watch Select Site Award

We choose two sites per week for the newsletter which we believe have valuable content for the online community. Congratulations on having such a great site.

Does this mean that someone or something is watchin' over us? From Brisbane, Australia no less . . . .

USAPainter Award USAPainter
Date: October 22, 1996
Subject: Site of the Day Award

Your site has been selected for "Painter Pick of the day" for October 22,1996 on the USAPainter site. The information relevant to outdoor cooking as well as cooking in general is greatly appreciated.

GREAT, now we can paint the town red!

The Australian Net Guide Magazine Award The Australian Net Guide Magazine
Date: November, 1996
Subject: Honorably Mentioned

The great suburban symbol of backyards and blokiness, the Australian barbie, complete with burnt snags and offensive aprons has not yet been elevated to its rightful place on the Net. . . . . Barbecue'n On The Internet is a fun looking site, with cooking temperatures, tips, tools, and recipes. There's also a search engine to help you find your way around.

It wouldn't be very polite to let our neighbors from down south get lost, now would it mate!

NetGuide Magazine Online
Date: January 22, 1997
Subject: NetGuide Live Gold Award

Barbecue'n delivers slabs of sizzlin' info that's never overdone . . . . . . . . Consult temperature tables, learn how to press the flesh, and cull the fine points of smoking and grilling.

Press the flesh . . . . . . . . . . hummm, now that's starting to sound verrrry interesting!

Chile Pepper Mag. Chile Pepper Magazine
Date: June, 1997
Subject: Virtual Heat: Cyberbarbecue

A comprehensive site where C. Clark 'Smoky' Hale clears up many misconceptions about "the Fine Art of Barbecue'n."

Ah, yes . . . . . the poetry is in the sauce!

Marc's Web Watch Marc's Web Watch
Date: May 12, 1997
Subject: Killer Web Site


Great job on the site. I am the host of a radio show in Toronto called "Marc's Web Watch" and I'm talking about your site on my show Monday May 12th.

Once again, great job!
Marc Saltzman

Thanks Marc, . . . . . . . . Killer, huh?

The Mining Company The Mining Company
Date: May 20, 1997
Subject: Family Site

Are you ready for that great American tradition -- a Memorial Day barbecue?

We're ready . . . . ARE YOU?

The Los Angeles Times The Los Angeles Times
Date: May 23, 1997
Subject: Times Pick

. . . . this award . . . . indicate[s] that you offer valuable information, excellent entertainment or interesting services.

I thought Californians were more laid back and less formal?

Yahoo Cyber Pop Yahoo! Father's Day Suggestions
Date: June 9, 1997
Subject: Dad's Barbecue Recipes

Barbecue'n on the Internet - everything you ever wanted to know about BBQing online, and then some.

Everything? . . . . Boy!

The WebTrips Network Award
Date: July 1, 1997
Subject: Community Contribution

CoolSTOP Best of the Cool Award
Date: November 8, 1997
Subject: Congratulations!

I am pleased to let you know that on November 8th, your site was designated a recipient of the brand new CoolSTOP Best of the Cool Award. Your pages stand out because of great graphics, easy navigation and original, interesting content.

Hey, THANKS.........That's show stoppin' cool!

CoolSTOP Award StudyWeb Excellence Award
Date: January 25, 1998
Subject: Congratulations!

Your site has been selected as a featured site in StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers.

StudyWeb is one of the Internet's premier sites for educational resources for students and teachers. Since 1996, our expert reviewers have scoured the Internet to select only the finest sites to be included in StudyWeb's listing of educational links. Each site in StudyWeb includes a detailed review describing its editorial and visual merits.

Gee, if I only had a brain.......Thanks!

Cyber-Teddy Award CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite award
Date: May 8, 1998
Subject: Congratulations!

Your Site has been listed on the People's Choice WebSite 500 and awarded CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite award.

CyberTeddy! WebSite500
Date: February 16, 1999
Subject: Congratulations! Your Site has been listed on the Awesome Universal WebSite 500!

Hey, we've been upgraded ... Boy, and they really know how to make us all warm and cuddly too! Thanks and bear hugs to ya!

Eye on the Web Award Eye on the Web
Date: June 22, 1998
Subject: Congratulations!

Congratulations! Your site Barbecue'n on the Internet has been named a Selected Site by Eye on the Web's Site Selection Team and added to our Home & Family : Cooking/Food & Beverages sub-category. Our selections are from among thousands of Web sites, and are based on content, usability, graphics and overall design.

Look out Smoky, they've got their eye on us.

Cool Site of the Nite Cool Site of the Nite
Date: July 18, 1998
Subject: Cool Site of the Nite selection for 7/19/98

Your site recommendation will be the featured "Cool Site of the Nite" on the date listed above based upon it's content, page and graphic design and overall contribution to those who see it.

The "Cool Site of the Nite" features only those pages that CSotN's staff feels are of a non-commercial nature and those which offer family-oriented content.

That's really cool......Pass me the flashlight please, the burgers are burning!

Featured On Internet Tonight Featured On Internet Tonight
Date: September 24, 1998
Subject: Featured On Internet Tonight selection for 9/24/98

Congratulations! That's Right!

Your site is being featured on the cable television program "INTERNET TONIGHT" tonight -In case you are unfamiliar with Ziff Davis Television, we are a 24 hour a day cable television channel devoted to computers and the internet!

Click on "THE BIG LIST" You'll find the link to your page starting at 8:30 P.M Eastern time under the "incredibily useful site" heading.

Jack Daniel Distillery
Date: October 26, 1998
Subject: Jack Daniel's World Championship

Congratulations from the Jack Daniel Distillery.....,

You could almost smell the smoke on the Jack Daniel's Website as the competition heated-up for the Best Barbecue sites on the Web.

In celebration of the 10th Annual Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue, we hosted a Web competition for the best barbecue sites. Yours was selected as a winner by our panel of distinguished judges and barbecue connoisseurs.

If you're in the neighborhood sometime, stop by the Jack Daniel's Website for the judges' reviews. Their reviews will be up for about 3 weeks.

Time to celebrate!!! Pass the bottle........

BlueRollPie Network Maestro
Date: April 2, 1999
Subject: The Network Maestro Homemaker Award

You have a great site! You have won "The Network Maestro Homemaker Award". We give this award to those few sites which are a real help to homemakers in all walks of life.

Stick you thumb in ... what a good boy am I...... Thanks!

FSProNet Food Service Professionals Network
Date: May 3, 1999
Subject: Site of the Week

Your website,, has been selected by the Food Service Professionals Network staff as the FSPronet Site of the Week for the week of May 3rd. Chosen for outstanding content and/or design, each selected site will be featured on our website.

Professionals.........Now, I am impressed. Thanks, guys and gals!

Cruising America! Cruising America!
Date: May 23, 1999
Subject: Congratulations!

Your site has won the Eagle Award for Excellence on the Net!

Hey, we're really soaring now ...... Thanks!

Smart Money Magazine Smart Money Magazine
by The Wall Street Journal
Date: May, 1999 Issue
Subject: Barbecuen' On The Internet

If "grilling" equals "burning" in your house, you might want to visit before you even house the grill out of storage.

You know, they're pretty smart!...... Thanks!

Silver Platter Award Ask Jeeves
Date: July, 1999 Issue
Subject: Silver Platter Award

Sites should offer thorough, unbiased information that answers a user's question ... must be credible sources of information.

Yup, we do that! ... Thanks

Access Magazine Access Magazine
Date: August, 1999
Subject: Barbecuen' On The Internet

The Harvard of barbecue sites, this page will raise your outdoor cooking wisdom to lofty heights. Check out Smoky's glossary of barbecue terms, navigate the differences among preparing meats, vegetables and seafood, and find out when to use a smoker instead of a grill. Swap culinary secrets in the Blowin' Smoke chat room, or browse the weekly recipes. Novice patio chefs will find a crash course designed especially for them.

Look, now they have us on a pedestal. I'd rather have the deploma!

Winner 1999 Golden Web Award The International Association of Web-Masters And Designers
Date: September, 1999
Subject: Barbecuen' On The Internet

*.*.*.* Congratulations *.*.*.*
On your Web-Site Winning the
1999-2000 Golden Web Award

This highly recognized and respected web award proclaiming the hard work and dedication that was put forth enabling you to achieve the Golden Web Award.

Hey, look out folks, we've got the Midas Touch! Don't get too close.....

Insider Radio Internet Insider with David Radin
Date: May 30, 2000
Subject: Congratulations on your award

Congratulations. Your website has been selected as a "Website of the Week" by the syndicated radio show, Internet Insider with David Radin (show date 5/27/00). Since we only select 52 websites a year out of the zillions of pages on the net, we think this puts you in pretty good company.

Look, another one! Thanks David!.....!
Date: May 30, 2000
Subject: Congratulations... You've Been Spotlighted on GourmetSpot!

I am writing to let you know that your site is currently highlighted in our latest feature article, "Barbecue Ideas." is the food information portal of the Web. The site simplifies the search for recipes, restaurants, cookbooks, food news and facts, kitchen toys and tools, cooking schools, professional resources and much more.

Look out, We're Under The Spotlight Now.... Smile!

300 Incredible Things 300 Incredible Things!
Date: July 6, 2000

Congratulations! We wanted to let you know that your site is one of the Incredible sites featured in our latest book:

300 Incredible Things for Home Improvement on the Internet

We must really be incredible! Guide of the best sites 2001
Date: November 21, 2000
Subject: Communiqué

Congratulation! Your web site is selected by the french "Guide of the best sites 2001" published at MicrosoftPress ( This colourful book is one of the best seller of the French data-processing edition (more than 70 000 specimens sold for edition 2000). It presents the 5000 best sites covering all the fields of Internet.

I guess it is now time to dust off the books an go learn French!'s's "Guy Sites!"
Date: March 1, 2001
Subject: Congratulations! Your site has been chosen as one of's "Guy Sites!"

We're weeding through all of the chaos on the web to find the best sites for men, and your site fit the bill! Your site will be featured in our "Guy Sites" section under the category "Food."

Congratulations on the recognition of your site as a quality destination for men on the Internet.

Just call me Macho, Macho Man!

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Virtual Recipes
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Chillin n grillin and Kingsford
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Bad Weather? Too hot or cold? Know what your bbq pit is doing with these Wireless Thermometers
Bad Weather?  Too hot or cold? Know what your bbq pit is doing with these Wireless Thermometers

There's not a better BBQ glove. Stylish Suade, lined and double protected from the elements.

There's not a better BBQ glove. Stylish Suade, lined and double protected from the elements.
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Get all of Smoky Hale's wisdom and become the best cook around. Learn to do it right!

Get all of Smoky Hale's wisdom and become the best cook around. Learn to do it right!

When cold, romance or just having to burn something, our designer firepits will do it all. Get free shipping on SoJoe FirePits today
When cold, romance or just having to burn something, our designer firepits will do it all.  Get free shipping on SoJoe FirePits today

Visit The Barbecue Store Today!Visit The Barbecue Store Today!
Visit The Barbecue Store Today!

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